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Residence Hall № 1

Address: 34/5, Pervomayskaya street, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russian Federation.

Residence Hall №1 is a four-storey hostel of corridor type, situated two minutes from the educational facilities in front of the MIPT dining room.

There are 35 rooms on each floor, two toilets and two washrooms equipped with clothes dryers — on each side of the building.


There is one kitchen on the first floor and two on all other floors. Every kitchen has a sink, a table and two cookers with an oven.


There are also two showers — for men and for women.

The residence hall provides students with everything they need for a comfortable life. Students can use the laundry room (with 5 washing machines) for a small fee and the reading room on the first floor to study comfortably. Every workspace in the reading room is equipped with a desk lamp, there is also a bookcase with educational and fictional literature and a magnetic whiteboard. Room walls are decorated with photos of members of the fairer side of the amicable FRTC team.


The renovated student club was opened in 2012 and is now it's ready to hold a variety of faculty and institute events — from discos and birthday parties to meetings of the student council.


Students who are keen on sport can use the domestic gym with it different fitness equipment and table tennis court. There is also a piano on the first floor that is available to everyone, just get a key from the person in charge.


A public printer is available for every student who needs to print some documents or files. It's located on the second floor. The price is 1.75 rubles per page.

Information is posted throughout the building informing the students about rules of conduct in the hostel, student council news, additional training courses and coming events.


There is only one smoking area inside the building that is situated on the fourth floor, so rooms are distributed between the students in special order — nonsmoking students live far from the smoking area.
The Internet is available in every room via Wifi or cable (MIPT-telecom).

Students can enter and exit the building from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m., but they must have a student card with them. They can also invite a guest who isn't a resident, but they need to register with security and give an identity document as a pledge.

If you have any questions, please contact  Olga Vladimirovna Kazakova — commandant of Residence Hall №1. You can find her office on the first floor.  
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