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FAFE residence Hall

Address: 20, Gagarina street, Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 140180, Russian Federation.

Here is the sunshine of all student life, the abode of fun, positive energy and good mood. Our precious and beloved by everyone five-star dormitory! Why five stars? Because here you have all facilities necessary for any student – every room has a sink, toilet and kitchen. Another reason why household chores will not distract you from studying is that because the dormitory has a washing machine.

You can freshen up after a long day of work…pardon, studying, in the shower room, which is separated into spacious, isolated shower stalls.

If earthly problems and responsibilities are alien to you, and your favorite sport is intensive studying, then remember that you can make use of the study room (commonly known as the “botalka”).

All students have access to the Internet (including through an unlimited usage plan).

Of course, one of the things necessary for studying is a printer: printing of reports during the first year and scientific works during more senior years can be costly. However, our dormitory has a communal printer, which is connected to a local network and is thus available to everyone who needs a document printed.

In the fight for living space at MIPT, students of the Department of Aerospace and Flight Engineering are the most peaceful. This is because after living in a “treshka” during the first year, you will have an opportunity to move to a two-person room during the second year. And later you can move to a single-occupant room if you so wish.

We also have a dining room in our dormitory. So you will be all set!







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