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Freshman Student Handbook

Congratulations! You are now a student!

You can find brief information and useful tips “in pictures” in the MIPT Freshman Guidebook.

1. Actions after the order of enrollment

2. Studies

3. Daily life

4. Scholarships, allowances and financial aid

Actions after the order of enrollment

1. Freshman (first year student) meeting

Attend the general meeting for freshman students on August 31 at noon in the Concert Hall of the Main Building. In the event you are unable to attend due to valid reasons, please inform the dean's office.

2. Working Off

In the event you did not participate in the “working off,” but you are planning to live in an MIPT dormitory, then you will have to arrive early. Recommended arrival date is August 26, 2013 (Monday). Headquarters for the "working off" organization is in room 121 of the Main Building (1st Floor of the Main Building of MIPT).

3. Registration

It is not necessary to be removed from registration at your permanent residence address!

4. Policlinic

It is necessary to visit a policlinic located at the place of your residence, to undergo a medical examination and to obtain a medical form 086У, which must be submitted to the MIPT policlinic.

Russian citizens must carry a medical insurance policy certificate obtained at the place of permanent residence (the certificate must either have no expiration date or have a sufficient duration — enough for the academic year). In the event you do not have the certificate, purchase one at the MIPT policlinic at the end of August. Citizens of other countries should buy medical insurance policy certificate in the MIPT policlinic at the end of August.

5. Military Draft Registration

MIPT students are eligible for deferment from the service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In September, all freshmen (regardless of nationality or place of residence) must be registered through the 2nd department, which is located in the Main Building on the 3rd floor in Room 330. You must bring your passport and registration certificate with you to go through the registration process. Residents of Moscow and Moscow region as well as CIS citizens are not removed from the draft registration at the place of their permanent residence. Citizens of the Russian Federation from other cities are removed from the draft registration at the place of permanent residence and are registered upon arrival at MIPT. The issue of deferment of the military duty is handled by the 2nd department.

In order to be removed from the draft registration you may need the certificate of admission. Such certificate may be obtained after publication of the order (lists and orders) in exchange for the examination list of the incoming student:

  • the original in person at the Admissions Committee (Room 109 of the Lecture Building from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays until 31 August );
  • original by mail, if you wrote a statement to the Admissions Committee in advance and left an envelope with a postage stamp and wrote a return home address.

In case of impossibility of timely removal from the draft registration at the place of permanent residence there is a possibility to register upon arrival at MIPT. In this case you will automatically be removed from registration at the place of permanent residence. Using this method is recommended only in exceptional cases due to its unreliability.

6. Employment history record book

Persons who have a history of employment prior to enrolling at MIPT should arrange for termination of employment and obtaining of the employment history record book, which upon arrival at MIPT should be submitted to the Dean’s Office.

7. Accommodation at the dormitory

Enrolled freshmen have an opportunity to live in on-campus dormitories. In order for us to take into account your preferences or wishes regarding the room and neighbors, you should fill out a questionnaire. We recommend arriving a few days before August 31 in order to have enough time to settle in and prepare for the start of the year. Those who just arrived should contact the Commandant of the dormitory of your faculty (1st floor), whose work hours are every day from 09:00 to 19:00 without days off or holidays (August 19 to September 1). If you plan to arrive after hours (from 19:00 to 09:00), please inform the dormitory about your plans by calling them at the dormitory phone numbers.

Upon arrival at the dormitory a contract is signed and the payment for the accommodation is made. Payment amount for one semester for “budgetary sector students" is 3 000 rubles and for "paying students" is 12 500 rubles (for corridor-type dormitory) and for "paying students" 15 000 rubles (for apartment-type dormitory). Payment is accepted through Sberbank, Bank of Moscow, Avangard Bank or bank transfer. In addition, you will be able to pay by bank card through the POS-terminal directly at office of the commandant of the dormitory.

8. Registration

For residence registration at the place of stay (for the duration of the enrollment at MIPT) you should, after arrival at the dormitory, come to the passport office, which is located at the second entrance on the ground floor of the dormitory №9. When you come to the passport office, please have your passport and your contract for dormitory accommodation with you.

9. Main News

During the course of studies it is very important to promptly receive the main news of the institute, so in order to be among the first to learn about the events of the institute, you need to join the official group MIPT group in ВК and periodically follow the institute news.


Fall semester begins on September 1; the spring semester begins on February 7. The first week of studies is considered odd.

1. Student ID Card

Student ID card is a document certifying that a student is enrolled in educational courses at a higher learning institution. It is needed to enter into academic buildings, dormitories, and for receiving student discounts. In case of loss you can receive a duplicate at the dean’s office.

2. Course Schedule

Course schedule can be downloaded from the institute website, and can also be found on the second floor of the Main Building (updated at the beginning of the semester).

3. Academic Buildings

Academic Buildings Map

AB — Auditorium Building

MB — Main Building

AMB —  Applied Mathematics Building

LB —  Laboratory Building

NB — New Building (Microelectronics Building)

Main physics classroom. Located at the fifth floor of the Main Building in the left part of the building, at the very end of the corridor.

Big Chemistry/Physics classroom. Both are located on the fifth floor of the Laboratory Building (Chemistry Classroom is on the left, Physics Classroom is on the right).

Assembly hall. Located at the 2nd floor of the Laboratory Building in the center.

Laboratory work in mechanics takes place on the 5th floor of the Main Building, and laboratory work in general chemistry takes place on the 4th floor of the Laboratory Building.

All buildings, with the exception of the Lecture Building, are connected by passageways.

4. Library

Electronic Resources

Technical library is located on the first floor of the Main Building, and the artistic library is on the second floor. The small reading hall is located on the first floor, and the large reading hall is located on the second floor.

5. Certificates

Certificate for the military draft office can be obtained in the second department (the third floor of the Main Building). A certificate stating that you are a registered student can be obtained at the dean’s office. The certificate for the housing department may be obtained from the dormitory commandant.

6. Collection of programs and assignments "Zadavalnik"

MIPT students are required to complete assignments and perform laboratory work according to a schedule attached to a "Collection of programs and assignments." Acceptance of assignments is typically performed during the seminar hours. Students who did not complete the assignments and laboratory works without a valid reason are not allowed to take the oral examination. The deadline for students who did not submit assignments due to illness or for other valid reasons may be deferred.

7. Student Assignment

The assignment is a set of problems that you need to complete by the deadline. Usually it is done in a thin (12-24 Sheet) notebook. When you submit the assignment, the seminarian may ask how a particular task was solved, ask you a theoretical question or ask to solve their problems and examples.

8. Point-rating System

At some MIPT departments the control of education and assessment of current and final student knowledge during the semester is done using the point-rating assessment system for the subject studied. Educational activities of the students are assessed through a point quantitative scale. The final grade in the subject is determined by the sum of points earned by the student based on the results of the educational tasks. Depending on the subject being studied the following is utilized: homework, tests, colloquiums, semester tests, examination tests, tests (differentiated or undifferentiated), examinations. Furthermore, the system involves an assessment of lecture and seminar attendance!

9. Laboratory Workshop Book

Laboratory workshop "Labnik" is a book which describes the laboratory assignments to be carried out by the student in the laboratory. Some descriptions and laboratory routes can be found at the Department of General Physics website.

Laboratory assignments

Performance of laboratory work involves three stages. First is preparation. It includes the study of theory relevant to the assignment, preparation of a notebook (picture of the setup, tables). The second stage is the actual execution of the work in the laboratory, which includes conducting the experiment and recording the results. The third stage is submitting the laboratory assignment, during which the instructor checks the notebook and asks questions about the theory. Grades for the preparation and submission of the work are given separately.

11. Additional Seminars

Additional seminars on physics, mathematical analysis and analytic geometry are held for freshmen students. The schedule can be found on the websites of the departments or on department news boards at the institute.

12. Colloquium

During the first semester, in late October, a colloquium on mathematical analysis is held. For students enrolled in "Applied Mathematics and Informatics" program, a colloquium on informatics is also held. This event is as close as possible to the oral exam. Colloquium program constitutes half of a semester program.

13. Pass/Fail Testing Session

Pass/fail testing session runs from mid to late December in the fall semester and from mid to late May in the spring semester. At that time, each student must pass a pass/fail test on a set of subjects defined in the curriculum. A test can be differentiated (with an evaluation ) and undifferentiated (pass / fail). If a student has even one uncompleted test, the student is not allowed to take the final exams. It is possible to start taking tests even before the pass/fail testing session commences, but this depends on the instructor and his or her requirements. When students arrive to take the pass/fail tests and the final exams, they must bring their gradebook with them.

14. Examination Session

During the examination session, students take final exams. The examination session takes place from late December to late January in the fall semester and at the end of May to end of June in the spring semester. Absence from examinations without a valid reason is considered a breach of academic discipline. Failure to appear for the examination is noted in academic records and in case of unexcused absenteeism a failing grade is given. Students who received failing grades are required to appear in the dean's office for the coordination of the process of elimination of the academic debt. Students who received three or more failing grades during the course of an examination session who did not remove their academic debt in a timely manner are subject to expulsion from the institute.

15. Taking exams ahead of scheduled date

Taking exams ahead of scheduled may be permitted by the dean (deputy dean) on an individual basis with the consent from the examining department.

16. Physical Exercise

Classes on the subject of Physical Exercise” are held throughout the academic year twice a week for 2 hours for first, second and third year students on a compulsory basis, and once per week for two hours upon request (optional) for four fourth and fifth year students. From the first to fifth semester of study the student receives a differentiated grade, and during sixth semester — an undifferentiated grade. At the beginning of the academic year each student must choose a sports specialization. The transition from one specialization to another can be carried out within a month at the beginning of each semester upon submitting a written statement and receiving permission from the specialization instructors (the specialization the student is leaving and the specialization the student is enrolling in). Students who are absent due to illness or a valid reason (with the provision of documentation) for more than 50% of classes must pass a theoretical test. Students who miss more than 50% of classes without a valid excuse (without documentation) are not permitted to take the test.

Daily Life

1. Dormitory
Information about the dormitories. In order to settle into an MIPT dormitory, freshman students should arrive on campus in late August, come to the commandant of the dormitory of their faculty and fulfill all requirements in accordance with the instructions (working off, payment and so on).

2. Meals

Each student can choose to either cook meals themselves (there are all the necessary accommodations for that at the dormitory) or to eat at dining halls. The schedule of the dining halls can be found here.

3. Health

A policlinic is located on the MIPT campus, serving students and employees of the institute. In case of indisposition contact a physician during the day, who is located on the second floor of the building, and in the case of an emergency – come to the medical center, which is open at night from the time the policlinic closes and until it opens. If a student has missed classes due to illness, and at the same time he or she was overseen by a doctor at the MIPT policlinic, the student needs to obtain a medical certificate (doctor’s note) and bring it to the dean's office as evidence of valid reason for being absent. In the case of treatment in another hospital, the student needs to obtain a medical certificate regarding the illness as soon as possible and to register it in the MIPT policlinic, after which it will be also necessary to bring it to the dean’s office.

4. Prophylactic sanatorium

During the school year MIPT students can improve their health at the prophylactic sanatorium located in the same building as the policlinic. During the course of 21 days, the holders of the voucher (the cost is 3 300 Rubles, 2 000 of which is compensated by the dean’s office) can take a break from the student hustle and live in peace and quiet. You will receive full meals three times a day and have an opportunity to undergo treatment procedures.

Scholarships, allowances and financial aid

1. Scholarships

In the first semester of the Bachelor’s program, Specialist program and Master’s program, students receive a scholarship in the amount of 2 400 rubles. From the second semester a base (academic) scholarship accrues in the amount of 2 400 rubles. A prerequisite for the scholarship accrual is an exam session that was passed without receiving any grades of three or below. There is also a state social scholarship in the amount of 2000 rubles, which is paid to orphans and children left without parental care, I and II Groups invalids, those affected by radiation, and those who are disabled or combat veterans. If the student passes the session with "excellence," the student gets an increased scholarship 2 950 rubles a month. Also there are various name scholarships that are awarded to talented and successful students: MIPT Academic Council scholarship, administration of Dolgoprudny scholarship, Moscow Mayor's scholarship, Scholarship of the President of Russia, Potanin scholarship, Abramov fund scholarship and so on. Many special departments at basic institutes also pay scholarships to students, in addition to those received from the institute.

2. Financial Aid

A student can receive financial aid at the dean's office stating the reasons why it is required. Also, once a semester, a student can receive financial aid from the trade union committee.

Students enrolled on a budgetary basis and registered with the MIPT trade union organization relating to one of the following categories:

• orphans;

• persons with disabilities;

• students from families with many children;

• those who have children;

• participants in combat;

• those affected by Chernobyl;

• those who have parents with disabilities, parents who are pensioners;

• students from single-parent families;

• those who are not receiving a scholarship;

• those who are receiving medical treatment for chronic diseases,

can receive a monthly subsidy from the trade union committee.

3. Bank card issuance

Student social card is primarily a bank card which will be used for scholarship and other payments. Also, this card can be used as a metro pass and for passage on suburban trains. As a bonus, you can get discounts in shops, cinemas and other places that give student discounts.

Application forms for student social cards will be distributed to the freshmen on August 31 at the faculty meetings.

The application, filled according to the instructions (provided on the back of the form) should be signed at the dean's office, and stamped in the department of office and document management (Room 119 of the Lecture Building) and taken to a station of the Moscow Metro (list of stations is available in Room 119 of the Lecture Building). Two weeks later the card can be picked up there. After receiving the card, report card details to the scholarship department (Room 216 of the Lecture Building).

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