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    As of September 1st, 2012 subscription to the scientific journal, "Proceedings of MIPT," is open.

    The quarterly scientific journal was founded in 2008 for the publication of articles, reviews and short communications in the fields of mathematics, physics, information technology, telecommunications systems, electronics, new materials and nanosystems, living systems, ecology and environmental management, energy efficiency and energy preservation, aerospace, and other areas of basic and applied research . The journal is published with the aim of improving science, technology and innovation, to inform on scientific, technological and innovative developments in the field of basic and applied research in Russian universities, RAS research institutions and industry institutes. It was formed in accordance with the requirements of Higher Attestation Committee (HAC) and is also intended for the publication of the main results of dissertational research for doctors and candidates of sciences.

    The subscription price is 2000 rubles for 2013.

    A subscription can be made at post offices by filling in the appropriate forms:

    Form for annual subscription (4 issues)

    Form for half a year subscription (2 issues)

    To subscribe, you can use the site Catalogue "The Russian Press"

    You can also subscribe to the journal online at the website Press By Subscription

    You can subscribe to any volume of the Journal, beginning with the first,agreeing to the subscription terms by contacting e-mail: trudy.mipt2012@gmail.com

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