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           We continue to accept entries for the scientific journal "Proceedings of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology," abbreviated "Proceedings of MIPT." The work of the editorial board, editors and publishers is carried out in accordance with the Regulations approved by the Rector of the Institute. The editorial board is composed of heads of the Institute, faculties, and institute and faculty departments. Editor in Chief of the Journal is the Rector of the Institute, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, N. N. Kudryavtsev.


    The Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has included the journal “Proceedings of MIPT” in the List of Peer-reviewed Scientific Journals and Publications, in which are published key scientific results of theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

                                                                                             Main journal sections:

    Computer Science and Radio Electronics
    Aviation and Cosmonautics
    Molecular and Biological Physics
    Rational Use of Natural Resources
    Energy and Energy Efficiency
    Economics and Innovation

         The journal is 200 pages in А4 format and published on a quarterly basis.

        Article submissions, submissions for review and the necessary correspondence with author reviewers are carried out exclusively by electronic means. Manuscripts should be sent to the editor’s e-mail at zhurnaltrudy@mail.ru addressed to the Executive Secretary of the editorial board, Leonid Vasilyevich Strygin (408-61-88).       


    Requirements for “Proceedings of MIPT” Journal Authors (dated 30.01.2009)

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    TEX format is both recommended and encouraged.  Download a template-style file article. Cp1251 encoding only.

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    The editorial office of the “Proceedings of MIPT” is located in the Auditorium Building Rm. 308, tel. 8(495)408-61-88, local 62-86

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