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    Laboratory of Theoretical Nanophysics

    About the laboratory

    The Laboratory of Theoretical Nanophysics was established at MIPT in 2014. The laboratory ispart of the MIPTInterdisciplinary Center for Basic Research.

    Research in the laboratory is supported by the 5-100 program for improving the competitiveness of MIPT, the Russian Science Foundation and grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.


    Main lines of research:

    - Mesoscopic electronic systems.

    - Superconducting hybrid structures.

    - Quantum phase transitions.

    - Spintronics.

    - The two-dimensional electron gas and the quantum Hall effect.

    - Quantum magnetism and systems with "topological order."

    - Physics of quantum computation.

    Supervisor: Mikhail Feigelman.


    Contact information:

    Address: Room #122, Laboratory Building, MIPT, 9,Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700.


    SupervisorMikhail Feigelmanfeigel@landau.ac.ru.

    Deputy SupervisorDmitriyAlexandrov.

    Laboratory websitehttp://nanotheory.itp.ac.ru/


    We are interested in active and motivated workers (students, postgraduates and young scientists) who are ready to conduct scientific work with passion. Send your CV to nanotheory@phystech.edu

    Laboratory of Theoretical Nanophysics hires workers

    Presentation of the laboratory

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