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    Current projects

    Project "Terahertz spectroscopy of electron-correlative systems" part of the RAS program “Strongly correlated electrons in solid bodies and structures". 

    Project "Terahertz spectroscopy of condensed media" part of the RAS program "Current problems of radio physics".

    RFBR mol-a "Charge transport in biological nanofilaments". 

    RFBR mol-a "Terahertz spectroscopy of low-energy excitations in charge-ordered manganites".

    RFBR "Dynamics of pseudoscalar modes in amino acid crystals".

    RFBR "Search for new mechanisms of transformation of hexaferrites from potential multiferroics into real ones".

    Project RSF 17-79-20418 "Two-laser stereolithography method for fabrication of 3D chiral structures for local optical fields control"

    State task Head B.P. Gorshunov 3.9896.2017/ВУ

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