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    Laboratory of Modeling and Design of Special Computer Systems Architecture

    Development of computational modules and complexes, research and development of new approaches to the design of high-performance calculators, as well as to the design of computer systems with their auxiliary systems and applied software (optimizing compilers, operating systems, libraries, binary translators, etc.).

    Lines of research:


    1. Research and development of new design technologies of digital microprocessors and associated system software (assembler, linker, debugger, etc.).


    2. Development of high-performance optimizing compilers.


    3. Development of high-performance software models of new architectures based on binary translation and distributed simulation.


    4. Research in the field of energy-efficient computing.

    Supervisor: Alexander Drozdov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor. E-mail: alexander.y.drozdov@gmail.com 

    tel: +7-916-538-7170


    Laboratory staff:

    Sergey Novikov, Deputy Laboratory Supervisor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, serg.v.novikov@gmail.com

    Yuriy Fonin, Deputy Laboratory Supervisor, phonin@rambler.ru

    Victor Vladislavlev, Supervisor of Energy-Efficiency Research, victor.vladislavlev@gmail.com

    Denis Nefedov, Research Scientist nefedov.da@mipt.ru.

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