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    Ernst Ghabidulin, a graduate of DREC at MIPT, doctor of engineering sciences, professor, has headed the Department of Radio Engineering since 1989. His work in the fields of information theory and cryptography are widely known in Russia and abroad. 27 staff members, including 4 doctors of sciences and 9 candidates of sciences, are involved in carrying out educational training at the department.


    Field of research 

    Scientific work at the laboratory is carried out in several lines of research. Researches into the theory of protective coding in data communication through telecommunication lines are traditional. The theory of so-called rang codes, created by Professor Ghabidulin, allows the formation of advanced multi-channel communication systems, including mobile communication. These researches are carried out in collaboration with a number of universities in Germany, France, and Great Britain. At MIPT, this work is headed by leading researcher and doctor of engineering sciences N.  Pilipchuk. Cryptography has occupied an important place in the scientific research conducted at the department in recent years. Students and postgraduates of different departments actively participate in this work. Postgraduates of Professor Ghabidulin give presentations at international conferences, have internships abroad and defend their candidate dissertations on time. Another line of scientific research is the theory of sequences with good autocorrelation properties, which also yielded significant results. Research conducted by Associate Professor L. Rozhdestvenskiy deals with fluctuations in semiconductors and ferromagnets.  Associate professors A. Grigoryev, G. Donov and L. Strygin have implemented a number of projects related to the development of hardware and software tools monitoring the conditions of energy facilities.


    In 2012, a three-year research project was launched as part of a state order entitled the" Development of Effective Methods to Communicate and Secure Information for Telecommunication Systems." The project receives an annual funding of 2.5 million rubles. A number of researchers, professors and postgraduates of the Department of Radio Engineering are involved in this work. Professors of the department are also involved in research in various inter-university research and technology programs.

    Supervisor: Ernst Ghabidulin


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    Address: Radio Engineering Building, MIPT, 9B,Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700.

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