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    Laboratory of Quantum Nanostructures

    The objective of the laboratory is the research of quantum phenomenon in semiconductors and hybrid nanostructures. The combination of reduced dimension, topological non-triviality of electron spectrum, strong coupling and possibilities of nanolithography provides these systems with a set of unique physical attributes. Modern experimental methods in electronic measurements, including a technique for measuring quantum fluctuation noise, ultrasensitive radio-frequency and microwave measurements, minute transport measurements in strong magnetic fields and ultralow temperatures are planned to be implemented in the laboratory.

    Main tasks of the laboratory for the next three yearsinclude:

    1. Implementation ofa non-equilibrium Luttinger liquid in oppositely directed edge channels of a quantum Hall insulator. Research on the contribution of collective modes to heat transport.

    2. Research of fluctuation noise in atwo-dimensional topological insulator, testing of the ballistic transport hypothesis at the spin Hallinsulator edge in this system.

    3. Total noise heat flow measurement based on semiconductor and hybrid materials. Determination of mechanisms of electronic and heat transport.

    4. Independent detection of attributes of the Majorana condition in a hybrid system of superconductor and topological insulator based on fluctuation peculiarities in spectrum density of fluctuation noise in the ballistic contact S/TI at high frequencies.

    Research of thermoelectric and thermomagnetic response ina two-dimensional spin Hall insulator. Detection of aspin analogue of the Nernst effect in transverse thermal electromotive force.

    The laboratory was created at the end of December 2013 and is part of the MIPT

    Interdisciplinary Center for Fundamental Research. The first presentation of the laboratory can be seen here.

    Supervisor: Mikhail Trunin


    Contact information: 

    122, 126, 014-020, Laboratory Building, MIPT, 9, Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700.

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