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    Laboratory of Pulsed Plasma Systems

    Short description of laboratory research:

    The main areas of the experimental and computational-theoretical studies carried out in the laboratory includethe physics of pulsedgas discharges (spark discharge from streamers to flash, barrier discharge, nanosecond space discharge, etc.) and their internal processes, research on the impact of plasma of nanosecond discharge on the processes of inflammation and combustion of blended fuel, research on the physical and chemical processes in strong shock waves, control of gas streams using non-equilibrium plasma, and atmospheric electricity.


    Lines of research:


    1. The research of processes that determine plasma decay in the afterglow of a pulsed nanosecond volume discharge and laser spark in atomic and molecular gases. Determination of cross sections and rate constants for elementary processes in non-equilibrium gas discharge plasmas. Plasma chemistry in conditions of high-voltage pulsed discharges.


    2. Experimental and theoretical study of the properties of a surface dielectric barrier discharge that is ignited in air and other molecular mixtures. Analysis of the possibility of using nanosecond discharges for the control of a gas stream.


    3. Research of plasma stimulated initiation of combustion using a high-voltage nanosecond volume discharge, surface dielectric barrier discharge and other types of non-equilibrium discharges.


    4. Research of the physical and chemical processes in strong shock waves. Speed determination of elementary processes in shock waves plasma. Use of the shock wave method instudies on the initiation of combustion with and without a discharge.


    5. Numerical modeling of non-stationary corona discharge and the various development stages of lightning discharge. Studies of the effect of corona discharges on the attraction of lightning to surface objects. Research on the possibilities of improving modern methods in lightning protection.



    Grant of RFBR №14-08-00400 "Experimental and theoretical research of blended fuel inflammation using nanosecond surface barrier discharge" 2014-2016;

    Grant of RFBR №14-02-31331"Experimental and theoretical research of plasma decay after high-voltage nanosecond discharge in molecular and atomic gases" 2014-2015;

    Grant of RFBR №14-03-31449 "Experimental and theoretical research of inflammation of hydrocarbons affected by plasma of high-voltage pulsed nanosecond discharge" 2014-2015;

    Agreement № TCS-R&D-01/04/2014-MIPT/SMR with Schlumberger Company "Development of modeling methods for physical and chemical processes in multi-phase multi-component media".


    Laboratory staff:

    1. Nikolay Aleksandrov, Chief Researcher, Dr. Phys.-Math.Sci., professor, nick_aleksandrov@mail.ru

    2. Evgeniy Anokhin, Researcher, Cand. Phys.- Math.Sci., eu.anokhin@gmail.com

    3. Ilya Kosarev, Researcher, Cand. Phys.- Math.Sci., ilyakosarev@mail.ru

    4. Svetlana Kindysheva, Researcher, Cand. Phys.- Math.Sci., svetakind@mail.ru

    5. Ivan Timofeev, Junior Researcher, i.s.timofeev@gmail.com

    6. Nikolay Mazko, Chief Engineer

    7. Viktor Solovyev, Senior Researcher, Cand. Phys.- Math. Sci., vic__sol@mail.ru

    8. Aleksander Konchakov, Senior Researcher, Cand. Phys.- Math.Sci., alekon@rambler.ru

    9. Aleksander Ponomarev, Junior Researcher, Cand. Phys.- Math.Sci., ponomar_aa@mail.ru



    1. Sergey Belov

    2. Maksim Popov

    3. Evgeniy Plastinin

    4. Stanislav Sergeev

    5. Maksim Sulimov

    6. Nikolay Rozanov


    Contact information:

    Supervisor: Nikolay Aleksandrov nick_aleksandrov@mail.ru, (495)4086347

    Deputy: Evgeniy Anokhin, eu.anokhin@gmail.com, (495)4086347

    Address: 405, 412 Microelectronics building, MIPT, 9, Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700.

    Laboratory websiteneq.mipt.ru

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