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    Laboratory of Physical Mechanics

    About the laboratory

    Work to establish a practical laboratory in the Section of Physical Mechanics started at the beginning of the 1960s.Laboratory work in physical mechanics at the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research is intended to acquaint participants with the conduct of laboratory work and modern scientific experimentation. The general direction of the research cycle is in the investigation of the thermophysical properties of gases and plasmas, including the thermodynamic properties of ideal and non-ideal gases and plasmas, chemical reactions, including dissociation and ionisation, elementary processes in gases and plasmas, the optical properties of gases. There are currently six people on the teaching staff of the laboratory, faculty research students also give lectures.

    Field of scientific research

    At various times in the laboratory, scientific work in the fields of radiant gas dynamics, the thermodynamics of strongly ideal plasmas, phase transitions in Coulomb systems, beam plasma systems and technologies has been conducted. Problems associated with nuclear reactor safety have also been studied.


    Currently, practical work in the laboratory is being modernized with the aim of meeting the requirements of the department’s sections and to reflect the potential developments in high technology in the fields of mechanics and the physics of continuous matter.

    Supervisor: V.G. Poluyanov


    Address: 141700, Moscow Region, Dolgoprudny, Institutsky pereulok 9. MIPT

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