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Igor A. Khramtsov

Khramtsov_IA.jpgIgor A. Khramtsov

Student BS (2011-2015) and MS (2015-2017)  


- Grant of the French Embassy on summer linguistic internship (2015)
- Best scholarly paper at the 57-th  & 58-th Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Scientific Conferences (section “Nanooptics and Plasmonics”) (2014, 2015)
Awardee at the final stage of the all-Russian Physics Olympiad (2010)

BSc Dissertation

Highly-integrated plasmon photodetector for silicon nanophotonics.

Scientific Interests:

Silicon photonics, germanium optoelectronic devices, plasmonics, nanooptics, single-photon sources.    

Selected Publications: 


5. I.A. Khramtsov, D.Y. Fedyanin, Highly-responsive subwavelength plasmonic photodetector for silicon nanophotonics // 7th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics (META 2016) 25-28 July 2016, Malaga, Spain (oral)

4. I.A. Khramtcov, D.Y. Fedyanin, Dark current enhanced responsivity of integrated germanium photodetectors // SPIE Photonics Europe, 3-7 April 2016, Brussels, Belgium (oral
3. I.A. Khramtsov, D.Yu. Fedyanin, Integrated copper-germanium-copper photodetector for silicon nanophotonics // V International conference “Photonics and Information Optics”, 3-5 February 2016, Moscow, Russian Federation (oral)
2. I.A. Khramtsov, Dark current enhancement in metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors // 58th Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Scientific Conference, 23-28 November 2015, Dolgoprudny, Russian Federation (oral)
1. I.A. Khramtsov, Integrated germanium metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector // 57th Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Scientific Conference, 24-29 November 2014, Dolgoprudny, Russian Federation (oral)
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