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Nano-Master, NEE-4000 Electron Beam Evaporation Systems

Stand Alone NANO-MASTER E-Beam evaporator System, PC controlled with lab view software, fully automated, recipe driven, and four levels of password protected access.


  • Chamber: 22” H x 22” D x 21” W SS chamber with 20” x 20” door.
  • E-Beam: E-Beam Source is mounted inside the chamber. Source to substrate distance is 14”. Source consists of four 15-cc pockets. PC controlled turret for four pocket e-beam source, and preprogrammed sweep patterns.
  • E-gun power supply: 6KW switching Power Supply.
  • Platen: Substrate mounting fixture up to 6” wafer, rotates at 3 & 10RPM.
  • Thickness Monitor: Thickness Monitor with crystal holder.
  • Vacuum System: 680l/sec turbo molecular pump (Hipace 700) backed up with RV 12 mechanical pump.
  • Base Pressure: 6x10-7 Torr in a clean system after 12 hours pumping, will reach to 10-6 torr range in less than 15 minutes.
  • Gauge: Wide range gauge from atmosphere to 10-9 Torr. And N2 slow vent.
  • SS Cabinet: 26” x 44” footprint.
  • Facilities: 415VAC, 20A/phase, 50/60Hz, Dry air 60PSI, Chilled Water 15°C, 3GPM for e-beam evaporator and 2gpm for substrate, etc., at 50PSI.
  • Heated Platen: 300°C Heated platen ( Upgrade).
  • MFC’s: O2 MFC’s with SS gas lines and pneumatic shut off valves.
  • Tiltable platen: Platen in tilt able up to 50°C automatically.
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