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    All-band Tunable Laser Source — Agilent 81600B opt. 201 + 8164B

    • Wavelength range: 1455-1640nm.
    • Wavelength resolution: 0.1pm, 12.5MHz at 1550nm.
    • Maximum sweep speed: 80nm/s.
    • Absolute wavelength accuracy: ±10pm, typ. ±3.6pm.
    • Relative wavelength accuracy: ±5pm, typ. ±2pm.
    • Wavelength repeatability: ±0.8pm, typ. ±0.5pm.
    • Wavelength stability (typ.): <= ±1pm, 24hours.
    • Linewidth (typ.), coherence control off: 100kHz.
    • Effective linewidth (typ.), coherence ctrl. On: > 50MHz (1475nm - 1625nm, at max. constant output power).
    • Maximum output power (continuous power during sweep) Output 1 (low SSE): >= +3dBm peak (typ.); >= +2dBm (1520nm - 1610nm); >= –2dBm (1475nm - 1625nm); >= –7dBm (1455nm - 1640nm).
    • Maximum output power (continuous power during sweep) Output 2 (high power): >= +9dBm peak (typ.); >= +8dBm (1520nm - 1610nm); >= +4dBm (1475nm - 1625nm); >= –1dBm (1455nm - 1640nm).
    • Attenuation — Output 2 (high power): max. 60dB.
    • Power repeatability (typ.): ±0.003dB.
    • Power stability: ±0.01dB, 1hour; typ. ±0.03dB, 24hours.

    High Performance Solid State Laser

    • Edmund Optics NT56-494 (780nm, 20mW).

    Collimated Laser Diode Modules

    • Thorlabs CPS180 (635nm, 1mW, Round Beam), CPS182 (635nm, 4.5mW, Elliptical Beam), CPS184 (650nm, 4.5mW, Elliptical Beam), CPS186 (670nm, 4.5mW, Elliptical Beam), CPS192 (780nm, 4.5mW, Elliptical Beam), CPS808 (808nm, 10.0mW, Elliptical Beam).

    Adjustable Focus Laser Modules

    • Thorlabs CPS196 (635nm, 4.5mW, Elliptical Beam) and CPS198 (670nm, 4.5mW, Elliptical Beam).

    Laser Diode Modules

    • Thorlabs LDM1550 (1550nm, 4.5mW); LDM635 (635nm, 4.0mW); LDM405 (405nm, 4.0mW).

    HeNe Lasers

    • Thorlabs HRP170 (632.8nm, 17.0mW, Polarized).
    • Newport 632.8nm, 543nm.

    Tunable Argon Laser

    • Melles Griot 35LAP321-230 (457nm, 10mW; 465nm, 9mW; 472nm, 8mW; 476nm, 15mW; 488nm, 40mW; 496nm, 14mW; 502nm, 4mW; 514nm, 40mW; Beam Diameter (1/e2) (mm) - 0.66 ± 5%; Beam Divergence (1/e2) (mrad) - 1.1 ± 5%; M2 - <1.2).
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