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    Four Point Probe Stand

    four_point_probe.jpgFour Point Probe Stand

    Jandel RMS-EL-Z — www.jandel.co.uk

    Resistivity measurement system with four point probe.

    Sample size: 150 mm, maximum substrate thickness 200 mm.

    Jandel RM3000 Test Unit is a constant current source and digital voltmeter, supplying constant currents between 10nA and 99.99mA, and measuring voltages from 0.01mV to 1250mV. The RM3000 has a range of 1 milliohm/square to 500 Megohms/square, or 1 milliohm.cm to 1 Megohm.cm. Measurements outside this range are possible depending on sample type and possible reduced accuracy.

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