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    Spectroscopic Ellipsometer - Sentech

    Ellipsometer Sentech SE 800ESpectroscopic Ellipsometer

    Sentech SE 800 E — www.sentech.de

    Spectral range: 240-930nm.

    Sample size: 6'', maximum substrate thickness 7mm.

    Substrate: opaque or transparent.

    Layers: Software allows for an unlimited number of layers to be analyzed.

    Extinction Ratio: 10–6.

    Measurement Spot: Manually variable beam diameter from 4 mm to 1 mm.

    Goniometer: Mechanical Goniometer variable from 40° to 90°, set in 5° steps, accuracy better than 0.02°.

    Data acquisition and analysis software: SpectraRay III.

    Options: Film Thickness Probe FTPadvanced.

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