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High Power, Ultra-Broadband Supercontinuum Source

NKT Photonics SuperK Versa — White Light Laser (High Power, Ultra-Broadband Supercontinuum Source)

  • Wavelength Range: 490-2200nm.
  • Visible Spectral Density: 510-750nm (max 0.25mW/nm, min 0.1mW/nm).
  • nIR Spectral Density: 750-1100nm (max 5mW/nm, min 0.1mW/nm).
  • IR Spectral Density: 1100-2000nm (max 1.5mW/nm, min 0.25mW/nm).
  • Total Wisible Power: > 100mW.
  • Total Average Power: >1.5W.
  • Repetition rate: 80MHz.
  • Power Stability: < +-1.5%.
  • Polarisation: Unpolarised.
  • Output Termination: Fiber with collimator.
  • Beam Diameter: ~1mm (VIS), ~2mm (1100nm), ~ 3mm (2000nm).
  • Beam Divergence: < 5mrad.
  • Length of Output Fiber: 1.5m.
  • Computer Interface: USB.
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