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    Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Processes in Gaseous Media

    About the laboratory

    The Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Processes in Gaseous Media was established at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2011. It ispart of theimplementation of a Russian Federation government grant based on the decreeentitled "On Measures to Attract Leading Scientists to Russian Institutions of Higher Education." The supervisor of the laboratory is Sergey Utyuzhnikov. Nine doctors of sciences, eleven candidates of sciences, five postgraduates, and four students currently work in the laboratory.


    Field of research

    The field of research includes hypersonic flow, numerical modeling, spacecraft design, and CAD systems.  The laboratory develops computer complexes in mathematical modeling of tasks related to the altitude hypersonic aerodynamics of potential spacecraft over the entire range of the Reynolds (Knudsen) numbers. The peculiarity of the laboratory’s complex of programs is a unique combination of high-precision and low-cost computing algorithms with the capability of taking into account the real physical effects in a wide range of driving modes of hypersonic aircraft.



    Development of programs for use in the numerical modeling of thermo-chemical and thermodynamic non-equilibrium hypersonic flows and heat and mass transfer in free molecular, transitional and continual flow regimes of real spacecraft configurations in uniform models. 

    Supervisor: Sergey Utyuzhnikov


    Contact information: 

    Address: 606 Applied Mathematics Unit, MIPT, 9,Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700.

    Laboratory websitehttp://flowmodellium.ru/

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