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    Laboratory of Translational Research and Personalized Medicine

    About the laboratory

    The laboratory was established in 2012. It currently has eight staff, including one doctor of sciences and two candidates of sciences. The priority of its research is the personalization of medicine and oncological illnesses.

    Field of scientific research

    Research into genome, transcriptome, proteome and other data in the field of cancerresearch, the search for new cancer biomarkers and target genes for medical preparations. The development of a service programfor full-genome diagnostics (genetic passport) with the aim of determining which carrier of genes is responsible for the development of inherited illnesses, for predisposition to frequent multifactor illnesses, pharmacogenetic data and other information, allowing for the development of individual programs for prevention and treatment as part of personalized medicine. 


    The development of technologies and organization of production of high technology platforms for personalized diagnostics and the individual selection of therapies for the treatment of cancer (with a research grant). The transfer of modern diagnostic technologies from foreign companies, the creation of a diagnostic panel for cancer, the provision of diagnostic services foruse in the Russian Federation. The carrying out of contractual research for research agencies connected to the Russian Academies of Sciences, Medical Sciences and Agricultural Sciences for the analysis of genomes and transcriptomes and completion of current relevant services for foreign companies.

    Supervisor: Tatyana Nikolskaya

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