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    Theoretical and experimental research into the fundamental physical properties of hybrid superconducting nano-structures, including the development of a quantitative microscopic theory of the quantum processes in these systems and a comparison with results of tunnelling experiments, electro transfer, atomic and high-frequency spectroscopy. Objects of research include metallic and semiconductor nano-structures based on superconductor contacts with so-called topological insulators.

    The physics of “topologically protected” quantum states is a rapidly developing field of sciencethat is attracting much interest due to boththe new fundamental effects and the potential for creating principally new types of instruments for use in spintronics and quantum computing. The latter is particularly relevantas, at the present time, the main problem found in the realization of quantum computing in advanced laboratories is the loss of quantum coherence due to interaction with the environment. A potential means of solving this problem is the realization of topologically protected quantum states (so-called majorana fermions) which are resistant to external perturbations and therefore able to maintain quantum coherence over long time periods.

    The aim of the project is to obtain world-class results in studies on the topological quantum effects in contacts between superconductors and semiconductors or ferromagnetic nanowires and the subsequent publication of these results in leading Russian and international journals, and the development of new quantum mechanical devices. Implementation of the project will, as necessary, include the training of specialists in quantum nanophysics at MIPT and cooperation between Russian and foreign scientists to develop a domestic system of scientific research, education and high technology.

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