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    Laboratory of the Biophysics of Excitable Systems

    The Laboratory of the Biophysics of Excitable Systems was formed at MIPT at the end of 2010 as part of the Russian government’s megagrant program (http://www.p220.ru/). The main aim of the laboratory is to research excitable biological tissues, such as heart tissue. The laboratory is developing methods for the optical mapping of biological tissues and tissue engineering.

    The head of the laboratory, Professor Konstantin Agladze, graduated from MIPT in 1978. The most significant of his scientific works are devoted to the research of autowave regimes in active environments of differing types. Having worked for many years in foreign research universities (USA, Japan, France, Germany, Italy), he has again returned to MIPT in order to set up an advanced scientific laboratory here.

    At the present time, the laboratory’s collective consists of highly-motivated researchers aiming to obtain new world-class scientific results. Students and postgraduates of the various MIPT departments are actively involved in the laboratory’s work. During its existence, students at the laboratory have prepared more than 12 diploma projects. A number of articles based on these researches have been published in highly-rated scientific journals.

    The laboratory participates in a number of joint projects in collaboration with leading national and foreign scientific centers (Ghent University Belgium, the Institute of General Genetics Moscow, the National Research Institute of Transplantation and Artificial Organs in Moscow etc.). Twice a year, the laboratory’s staff hold an international conference on “Instabilities and Control of Excitable Networks” (http://icenet2014.net/). Our circle of scientific contacts is constantly expanding and we are open to proposals on collaboration in the sphere of biophysical research.

    Supervisor: Konstantin Agladze

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