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    Laboratory of Fundamental Interactions

    The Laboratory of Fundamental Interactions was created on March 31, 2015 as part of the MIPT Interdisciplinary Center for Basic Research.

    The laboratory performs the following tasks:

    conducting fundamental scientific research in particle physics and relativistic nuclear physics; gaining new knowledge in fundamental interactions by the means of experimental research on proton accelerators and heavy ions; data systematizing in high energy physics;
    engaging professors, students and postgraduates at MIPT in the scientific research conducted in the laboratory, using results in the education process.

    Activity in the laboratory can be grouped according to its international collaborative work: 

    ALICE (CERN) www  
    ATLAS (CERN) www 
    LHCb (CERN) www 
    COMPASS (CERN) www 
    Particle Data Group (Review of Particle Physics) www 

    Supervisor: Yuri Kharlov

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