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    Laboratory of Experimental Methods in Physics

    About the laboratory

    The laboratory was founded in 1993. The head of laboratory is doctor of technical sciences and professor at the Section of General Physics Alexander Milanich. There are currently five staff researchers and seven lecturers working in the laboratory.

    Field of scientific research

    The laboratory is involved in both scientific research and teaching. During a term (semester), the laboratory trains 50 students with practical work on up-to-date scientific equipment. Students who perform well during practicals are given the opportunity to join the laboratory’s team.

    Amongst the laboratory’s fields of research are the study of non-linear properties of liquid crystals under the influence of radiation, intracavityspectroscopy (joint research with the Academy of Science), nuclear physics (with the Kurchatov Institute). Together with MONIKI, unique research is being conducted into the parameters of human sight from a physics point of view, which is being used in clinical work for the practical use of the methods developed.

    As part of the federal program Scientific and Scientific Teaching Personnel of Innovative Russia for 2009-2013, tuneable solid state lasers of the mid infra-red range with the pumping of beams from semiconductor disc lasers (Professor O.G. Okhotnikov, Tamper University) are currently being developed.


    Research into super high-resolution spectroscopy (A.A. Baranov), the spectroscopy of super-small flows (A.Yu. Yevdokimov), the development of alternative energy sources (A. D. Grudtsyn), the review of waste disposal from a physics point of view (АА. Tsvetkov). The laboratory welcomes international collaboration.

    SupervisorAlexander Milanich


    Address: 141700, Moscow Region, Dolgoprudny, Institutskypereulok 9. MIPT, Laboratory Building, Room 114.
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