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    Laboratory of Information Technologies in Sports

    About the laboratory

    TheLaboratory of Information Technologies in Sports was founded in 2009 under the Department of Physical Training and Sports of MIPT. Among the employees of the laboratory there are four candidates of sciences, one postgraduate and two students. The laboratory’s research activity is relevant for Russian and foreign experts in athletic training.

    Field of research

    The main objective of the laboratory is to conductfundamental and applied research in the fields of biological cybernetics, physical training and sports. The laboratory researches information technologies in sports based on mathematical modeling of theadaptive processes of athletes. The biomechanics of motor activity and thephysiology of muscle performance are researched. The laboratory has a unique technology to perform tests and score athletefitness based on the analysis of thefitness shape of localized muscle groups and the cardiovascular system.  The laboratory includes a suit of computer programs for simulation of urgent and long-standing adaptive processes of athletes.



    Improvement of mathematical models of biological combustion processes in muscles.

    Development of anelectrocardioanalysis algorithm for the assessment of thepresent myocard state of athletes.

    Development of analgorithm of analysis of dynamogram and electromyogram of muscular activity for the analysis of muscle regenerative processes.

    Preparation of a monographentitled "Information technologies of individual physical training in cyclic types of sports."

    Supervisor: Viktor Seluyanov 

    Contact information: 

    Address: Sports Building #1, MIPT, 30, Pervomayskaya st., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700.

    E-mail: info@prosportlab.com

    Laboratory website: http://sport.mipt.ru/science/

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