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    Laboratory for the Development of Innovative Drugs

    About the laboratory

    The Laboratory for the Development of Innovative Drugs conductsvalidation testing of approaches developed by Sharpless that aim to significantly improve the quality of drugs that affect biological and metabolic processes in the cell. New methods are based on the use of innovative click-chemistry, which is researched on different cell models, including carcinogenesis, inflammation and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. There is one doctor of sciences and six candidates of sciences among the staff working in the laboratory.


    Field of research

    One of the main areas of research is the development of competitive domestic pharmaceutical products with detailed structural and functional characterization of their biological effects on various aspects of cell activity. The laboratory conducts quantitative and qualitative assessment of drugs based on multiparametric analysis of digital images of living cells. The laboratory performs research on the selection of safe and active drugs at the earliest stages of pharmaceutical preformulation development



    One of the tasks of the laboratory is the use of the High Content Screening and Analysis platform for the validation of new targets of various diseases, including diseases of the central nervous system, cancer, inflammation, metabolic disorders and viral diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS and respiratory infections. The laboratory aims to create and apply new high-technology methods that enable the carrying out of full-fledged specification of collection of hits in terms of toxicology (cardio and hepatotoxicity) and effects (at the subcellular and cellular levels).

    Supervisor:  Sergey Leonov

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