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Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Technologies

Current projects: Development of personalized therapy for functional liver disorders based on transplantation of vascularized organoids. Development of the wound cover based on GAL-KO pig’s skin.

Application: Treating the chronic hepatic failure; wound treatment.

Details: Project involves creating of “artificial” liver tissues with the help of tissue nanoengineering methods to develop the technology of patient specific therapy of the functional liver failure.

The technological innovations include 3D cell process and device developments for all major tissue types, which follow a bionic concept in tissue engineering. The pharmaceutical innovations include the discovery of the mode of action of therapeutic proteins that leads to tissue regeneration (such as liver and skin).

Vunder1.jpgStaff: about 20
MIPT students involved: more than 10

Supervisor: Elena Petersen MD, PhD, Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation Biological and Medical Physics School.

e-mail: petersen.elena.v@gmail.com  innatrusova@gmail.com
Tel. +7 926 716 90 00
Executive secretary: Trusova Inna

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