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    Laboratory of Brain Stem Cells

    About the laboratory

    The Laboratory of Brain Stem Cells was organized at the MIPT Department of Nano-, Bio-, Information Technology and Cognitive Science in November 2011. The laboratory currently employs two corresponding members of the RAS, four doctors of sciences, four candidates of sciences, five postgraduates (three of whom are postgraduates at MIPT) and seven students of MIPT. The supervisor of the laboratory is Grigoriy Enikolopov.


    Field of research
    The project aims to create a modern center for brain stem cell research on the facilities of the MIPT Department of Nano-, Bio-, Information Technology and Cognitive Science.  One of the main tasks is to create and establish the laboratory as a scientific and educational center for research into stem cells in the country. The laboratory develops new approaches in research on adult stem cells and their involvement in complex behaviors. 


    -Establishing the response of adult stem cells of the brain and other organs and tissues of the body to low doses of radiation. 

    -Research on the effects of low-dose radiation on complex forms of behavior. 

    -Development of new methods for research on cell division and differentiation of stem cells and neurons.

    -Development of a research platform to search for drugs that can change the direction of division and differentiation in stem cells and their progeny, and the impact of these drugs on behavior. 

    Supervisor: Grigoriy Enikolopov

    Contact information: 

    Address: 4, MaksimovaSt., Moscow

    Laboratory website (in Russian)

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