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    Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

    About the laboratory
    The laboratory was createdin 2012 as part of theBioBusiness-Incubatorcomplex.

    Field of research
    The laboratory is engaged in creating tissue-engineered bio-constructions with preset functions for thesubstitution of organs or tissues. In the process of creating bio-constructions, a number of interrelated tasks are planned to be addressed, including the development of a brassboard double-circuit perfusion system for artificial revitalization of extracellular biological, combined, or artificial matrix; creation of acombined blood vessel graft based on revitalized allogenic collagen-elastic matrix; development of slow-releasing drugs that contain peptides from mesenchymal stem cells that have beencharacterized, standardized, and cultured under the conditions of physiological perfusion ex vivo.

    Supervisor: Vladimir Abramov 

    Contact information: 
    Address: 204 Applied Mathematics Unit, MIPT, 9, Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700.

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