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    Laboratory of Applied Terahertz Technologies

    About the laboratory

    The laboratory was created in September 2014 after its proposal was selected during the second stage of anopen competition for the creation and development of scientific and applied scientific laboratories at MIPT. The competition was part of a program focused on improving the competitiveness of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


    Field of research

    Creation of practical devices based on direct and heterodyne detectors of terahertz frequency range. The laboratory is engaged in the most advanced areas of this subject: development of superconducting hot electron bolometers (HEB) that work in both direct and bolometer mixer modes (HEB-mixer), as well as the creation of heterodyne receivers operating at room temperature and based on the Schottky diodes (DBSH), primarily for tools used in the SWI space project JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, a project of the European Space Agency to study Jupiter and its moons). It is planned to develop both single pixel receivers with record-breaking performance and foster matrices.

    Supervisor: Alexander Korneev

    Vice Head: Yuriy Lobanov

    Contact information:

    Supervisor: Alexander Korneev, akorneev@rplab.ru, +7 903 970 7253.

    Deputy SupervisorYuriyLobanov, lobanov.iuv@mipt.ru

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