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    Laboratory of Quantum Information Theory

    Laboratory of Quantum Information Theory was created in 2014 to reinforce theoretical research in quantum technologies.

    Our group conducts research in the following fields: 
    quantum measurements
    entanglement and other types of quantum correlations
    open systems dynamics and quantum channels
    quantum information transfer, storage, and processing
    physics of quantum systems: spin, charged, optical, and hybrid
    foundations of quantum mechanics

    April 7, 2021: Sergey Filippov has presented the results at the International Conference "One-Parameter Semigroups of Operators (OPSO) 2021"
    March 29, 2021: Sergey Filippov has presented the results at the 41th International Conference on Quantum Probability and Related Topics
    November 24, 2020: Session of quantum information theory within the 63rd MIPT scientific conference
    September 10, 2020: Vladimir I. Man'ko and Mikhail G. Ivanov have presented their results at conference MIPT (PhysTech)—QUANT 2020
    September 7, 2020: Ilia Luchnikov has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Tensor networks and machine learning for dynamical and stationary quantum systems"
    August 27, 2020: Sergey Filippov presented recent results of the lab at Informal Quantum Symposium (IQUAS-2020)
    July 1, 2020: In the study year 2020/2021, a new master program "Methods of advanced mathematics" starts. Trajectory called "Methods of quantum technologies and mathematical physics" is within this program. More information at https://fpmi.mipt.ru/master/modern-math . Queries concerning the study at this program should be addressed to Prof. Pechen, e-mail: pechen@mi-ras.ru  
    June 25, 2020: Students of our lab have successfully defended their theses:
    Artem Glinov, master thesis "Phase covariant dynamics of open two-level quantum systems"
    Georgy Semin, master thesis "Markovian and non-Markovian dynamics of open quantum systems in collision models"
    Vladimir Zhuravlev, bachelor thesis "Quantum operations and non-destructive measurements"
    Artem Melnikov, bachelor thesis "Implementation and application of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians for quantum systems"
    Alena Termanova, bachelor thesis "Dynamics of open quantum systems with coherent control"
    May 26, 2020: MIPT press: "Scientists have taught a computer to predict complicated dynamics of qubits" [in Russian]
    April 2, 2020: 80th anniversary of Prof. Vladimir I. Man'ko!
    March 3, 2020: Georgy Semin has presented results at 3rd International School on Quantum Technologies
    February 25, 2020: Sergey Filippov has received a reward letter from the governer of Moscow Region for his conscientious work and professionalism
    February 20, 2020: Sergey Filippov has presented results at QQQ Workshop on quantum open systems, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum probability
    January 16, 2020: Sergey Filippov has presented a talk "Machine learning for non-Markovian open quantum dynamics" at Aalto Quantum Physics Seminar
    December 16, 2019: Stepan Vintskevich has successfully defended PhD thesis "Lorentz-invariant mass of classical radiation pulses and entangled biphoton states"
    November 25, 2019: Sergey Filippov gave a talk at Third Youth Workshop "Mathematical Methods in the Problems of Quantum Technologies"
    November 19, 2019: Section of quantum information theory at 62nd scientific conference of MIPT
    November 7, 2019: Sergey Filippov has given a talk "Quantum entanglement and open quantum dynamics" at DIPC-MIPT workshop
    November 5, 2019: Sergey Filippov has given a talk "Implementation of quantum channels and quantum instruments on IBM quantum computer" in University of Turku
    September 26, 2019: Prof. Antonio Messina and Roberto Grimaudo from University of Palermo have visited our laboratory
    September 16-23, 2019: Dr. Teiko Heinosaari from University of Turku visits our laboratory
    September 7, 2019: Sergey Filippov continues lectures "Quantum Information Theory"
    September 5, 2019: Stepan Vintskevich and Ilia Luchnikov have started a course of lectures "Machine learning and tensor networks in problems of multipartite quantum mechanics"
    August 29, 2019: Sergey Filippov gave a talk at Aalto quantum physics seminar entitled "Open dynamics and quantum entanglement"
    July 11, 2019: Ilia Luchnikov and Stepan Vintskevich have presented the results at the conference "Machine Learning for Quantum Design"
    June 26, 2019: Ksenia Kuzhamuratova successfully defended master thesis entitled "Quantum-informational properties of the Landau-Streater channel"
    June 26, 2019: Evgeny Gadylshin successfully defended bachelor thesis entitled "Application of machine learning methods in the study of open quantum system dynamics and quantum memory channels"
    June 21, 2019: Stepan Vintskevich, Artem Glinov, Georgy Semin, and Sergey Filippov have presented their results at the first international conference "Mathematical Physics, Dynamical Systems, Infinite-Dimensional Analysis"
    June 17, 2019: Sergey Filippov has presented the results at the 51st Symposium on Mathematical Physics
    June 4, 2019: Artem Glinov and Georgy Semin have presented their results at the 16th Central European Workshop on Quantum Information Processing
    May 31, 2019: Vladimir Man'ko has presented the results at "Quantum 2019: From Foundations of Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Information and Quantum Metrology & Sensing"
    May 24, 2019: Sergey Filippov has given an invited talk at Korea Institute for Advanced Study
    May 21, 2019: Sergey Filippov has presented results at the conference "Mathematical Aspects in Current Quantum Information Theory 2019" (MAQIT 2019) in Seoul National University
    March 22, 2019: Postnauka: What is quantum coherence?
    February 20, 2019: Our lab has moved to another location in MIPT campus, now we are in room 202a of Laboratory Building.
    December 3, 2018: Sergey Filippov has presented results at  684. WE-Heraeus-Seminar "Advances in open systems and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics"
    November 26, 2018: Sergey Filippov has delivered a talk at Second International Youth Workshop "Mathematical Methods in the Problems of Quantum Technologies" 
    November 20, 2018: Section of quantum information theory at 61st scientific conference of MIPT
    November 10-25, 2018: David Davalos from 
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México is visiting our lab.

    November 1, 2018: Sergey Filippov has delivered a lecture "Quantum states of light" in Turku University
    October 18-19, 2018: Sergey Filippov and Leonid Fedichkin have delivered lectures in Johannes Kepler University in Linz
    October 16, 2018: Leonid Fedichkin has delivered a lecture in  University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
    October 15, 2018: Sergey Filippov has delivered a lecture in Gdansk University of Technology
    October 9, 2018: Autumn season of QPQI seminar starts.
    October 4, 2018: Sergey Filippov has presented the results at the International Conference “Micro- and Nanoelectronics – 2018” (ICMNE-2018) with the Extended Session "Quantum Informatics" (QI-2018)
    September 13, 2018: Vladimir Man'ko and Sergey Filippov have presented the results at the International conference "Quantum information, statistics, probability" with a special session dedicated to A. S. Holevo's 75-th birthday
    September 11, 2018: Sergey Filippov, Ilia Luchnikov, Vladimir Man'ko, and Stepan Vintskevich have presented their results at MIPT-PhysTech-Quant 2018
    September 10-14, 2018: Conference MIPT-PhysTech-Quant 2018 is organized. Dariusz Chruscinski, Gniewomir Sarbicki, Anita Dabrowska, Daniel Reitzner, Michal Sedlak, Teiko Heinosaari, Leevi Leppajarvi, Boris Sokolov are visiting our laboratory.
    July 20, 2018: Stepan Vintskevich has presented his results at 27th International Laser Physics Workshop (LPHYS'18)
    July 17, 2018: Ilia Luchnikov and Sergey Filippov presented their results at 14th Biennial IQSA conference Quantum Structures 2018
    July 10-30, 2018: Artem Glinov and Anton Bozhedarov visit RCQI (Bratislava)
    July 6, 2018: S.N. Filippov has delivered an invited talk "Quantum Sinkhorn’s theorem and applications in quantum information theory" in Skoltech
    June 30, 2018: The popular article "Properly entangled" [in Russian] about results of our lab is published in journal "For Science" [in Russian: Za nauku], pages 18-19
    June 27, 2018: Vladimir Frizen has successfully defended his Master thesis "Dynamics of correlated qubit systems in Markovian and non-Markovian quantum processes"
    June 27, 2018: Anton Bozhedarov and Artem Glinov have successfully defended their Bachelor theses entitled "Machine learning methods for prediction of open quantum system dynamics" and "Non-Markovian dynamics of two-level quantum systems", respectively.
    June 25, 2018: Sergey Filippov have presented recent results at 15th Central European Workshop on Quantum Information Processing and 50th Symposium on Mathematical Physics
    June 22, 2018: Stepan Vintskevich's paper "Diverging light pulses in vacuum: Lorentz-invariant mass and mean propagation speed" published in Laser Physics, has been selected for the journal’s 2017 Highlights Collection
    June 14, 2018: Vladimir Man'ko have presented recent results at 25th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics and 19th Växjö conference on Quantum Foundations "Towards UltimateQuantum Theory"
    April 14, 2018: MIPT news: Physicists have found the most robust entangled states [in Russian]
    April 4, 2018: Ilia Luchnikov, Stepan Vintskevich, and Sergey Filippov start the course of lectures "Tensor networks and quantum dynamics" to be held on Wednesdays in 514 MIPT Main Building at 17:05.
    March 26, 2018: Projects of S. Vintskevich and I. Luchnikov are supported by RFBR.
    February 13, 2018:
    Spring season of QPQI seminar starts.
    January 25, 2018: 
    Ilia Luchnikov has presented results at the conference 

    2nd Physics Informed Machine Learning.

    November 25, 2017: A.A. Bozhedarov, A.N. Glinov, and V.V. Frizen have presented their results at the 60th MIPT conference
    November 23, 2017: I.A. Luchnikov and S.N. Filippov have presented their results at XV International Conference on Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
    November 8, 2017: I.A. Luchnikov and S.N. Filippov have presented their results at Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics International Kazan Conference
    November 1, 2017: Dr. Nikolai Miklin from University of Siegen visits our lab and gives a talk "The entropic approach to causal correlations"
    October 30 - November 30, 2017: Research visit of Leevi Leppajarvi, PhD student of University of Turku
    October 9, 2017: S.N. Filippov has presented research results at the International youth workshop «Mathematical methods in the problems of quantum technologies» 
    September 1, 2017: G.B. Lesovik has won the MIPT competition on creation of a new laboratory of physics of quantum information technologies. G.B. Lesovik and Yu.M. Belousov move from our lab to the new lab and will continue working there.
    August 29, 2017: I.A. Luchnikov has presented his results at ICSSUR2017
    July 15, 2017: I.A. Luchnikov, D.V. Kolobova, and D.A. Kronberg have presented their results at the 4th International Conference on Quantum Technologies
    July 12, 2017: G.B. Lesovik has given an invited talk at the 4th International Conference on Quantum Technologies
    July 9, 2017: We deeply grieve about the death of our friend and colleague Kamil Magadov
    July 3, 2017: G.B. Lesovik and S.V. Vintskevich are supported by BASIS Foundation
    July 3, 2017: S.V. Vintskevich has joined our laboratory
    June 27, 2017: E.S. Andrianov, A.A. Zyablovsky, and S.N. Filippov have presented their results at the 24th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics 
    June 2, 2017: Sergey Filippov delivered an invited talk at the 14th Central European Workshop on Quantum Information Processing
    May 25, 2017: Sergey Filippov, Dmitry Kronberg, Ksenia Ikaeva, Anton Shlyakhov, Daria Kolobova, and Ilia Luchnikov presented their results at the International Mathematical Conference on Function Theory dedicated to the centenary of A.F. Leont'ev held in Ufa, Russia
    May 11, 2017: Sergey Filippov and Vladimir Man'ko presented their results at Quantum 2017 conference
    April 24, 2017: Prof. Vahid Karimipour from the Sharif University of Technology (Iran) has visited our lab
    April 18 - 29, 2017: Dr. Thomas Bullock and graduate student Leevi Leppajarvi from the University of Turku (Finland) are visiting our lab
    April 18 - 26, 2017: Dr. Teiko Heinosaari from the University of Turku (Finland) is visiting our lab
    March 17 - April 12, 2017: Ilia Luchnikov and Kamil Magadov visit RCQI (Bratislava)
    February 21, 2017: Spring term of QPQI seminar starts
    November 22, 2016: 59th MIPT conference, 10 talks at QPQI seminar.
    October 6, 2016: Ilia Luchnikov and Kamil Magadov have presented their results at the school-conference "New directions in the theory of quantum and complex systems" held in Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS. 
    September 30, 2016: I.A. Luchnikov, K.Yu. Magadov, and S.N. Filippov have presented results on RSF project at Ufa International Mathematical Conference.
    September 27, 2016: Autumn season of QPQI seminar starts.
    July 21, 2016: MIPT news: Physicists find a way of “bundling together” multiple elements of a quantum computer
    July 10, 2016: Nicolo Piccione, Elena Lupo, and Manfredi Scalici from University of Palermo are visiting the QIT-laboratory and the Department of Theoretical Physics for a period of 1 month within the Internship programme.
    July 4, 2016: V. I. Man'ko and E. D. Zhebrak have presented results at the 23rd Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics
    July 2, 2016: Ilia Luchnikov, Kamil Magadov, and Sergey Filippov have presented results on RSF project at 3 summer conferences: 48th Symposium on Mathematical Physics "Gorini-Kossakowski-Lindblad-Sudarshan Master Equation - 40 Years After"13th Central European Quantum Information Processing WorkshopInternational Conference on Algebra, Analysis and Geometry.
    February 9, 2016: Spring term of QPQI seminar starts 
    December 2015: Research projects of our lab got support from Russian Science Foundation and Russian Foundation for Basic Research
    October 20-23, 2015: The 3rd international workshop MIPT (Moscow, Russia) – UEC (Tokyo, Japan): Atomic, molecular and optical physics. E.S. Andrianov, N.M. Shchelkachev, and S.N. Filippov have presented their results.
    September 22, 2015 Professor Luigi Accardi will give a talk at Seminar QPQI
    September 15, 2015 Seminar QPQI starts.
    August 16, 2015 S.N. Filippov presented results at 12th International Workshop on Quantum Optics and was awarded a diploma for the high level of the report.
    July 13, 2015 V.I. Man'ko, E.D. Zhebrak, R.S. Puzko, and A.A. Strakhov presented their results at 14th International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations and 22nd Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics held in July in Poland. More...
    June 19, 2015 S.N. Filippov's talk "Microscopic collision models of non-Markovian dynamics" at 47th Symposium on Mathematical Physics held in Torun, Poland [PDF, 861kB]
    June 02, 2015 Seminar "Quantum physics and quantum information" will be continued in September 2015.
    April 02, 2015 75th anniversary of Prof. Vladimir I. Man'ko!

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