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    Laboratories and Research Centers

    Interdisciplinary Center for Basic Research

    Supervisor: Mikhail Trunin

    Bioanalytics Laboratory

    Supervisor: Angela Koryakova

    Bioinformatics Laboratory
    Supervisor: Yan Ivanenkov

    Supervisor: Vladimir Abramov 

    Laboratory of Wave Processes and Controlling Systems

    Supervisor: Pavel Morozov 

    Laboratory of Genetics of Aging and Longevity

    Supervisor: Alexey Moskalev 

    Laboratory of Design of Dosage Forms
    Supervisor: Sergey Krechetov .

    Laboratory of Pulsed Plasma Systems
    Supervisor: Nikolay Aleksandrov

    Supervisor: Viktor Seluyanov 

    Supervisor: Vladimir Krasnopolskiy

    Laboratory of Ionic and Molecular Physics
    Supervisor: Eugene Nikolaev

    Laboratory of Artificial Quantum Systems
    Supervisor: Oleg Astafiev 

    Laboratory of Quantum Nanostructures
    Supervisor: Mikhail Trunin

    Laboratory of Materials Computer Design

    Supervisor: Artem Oganov

    Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Processes in Gaseous Media

    Supervisor: Sergey Utyuzhnikov

    Supervisor: Ilya Manukhov

    Laboratory of Modeling and Design of Special Computer Systems Architecture

    Supervisor: Alexander Drozdov

    Laboratory of Scientific and Technical Analysis and Forecasting
    Supervisor: Konstantin Balakin

    Laboratory of Nanooptics and Plasmonics

    Supervisor: Valentin Volkov 

    Superviser: Georg Büldt 

    Supervisor: Alexander Korneev

    Supervisor: Mikhail Zhdanov

    Supervisor:  Sergey Leonov

    Supervisor: Grigoriy Enikolopov

    Laboratory of Structural Methods of Data Analysis in Predictive Modeling

    Supervisor: Vladimir Spokoiniy

    Laboratory of Structural Biology of G Protein-Coupled Receptors
    Supervisor: Vadim Cherezov

    Supervisor: Mikhail Feigelman

    Laboratory of Terahertz Spectroscopy
    Supervisor: Boris Gorshunov

    Laboratory of Topological Quantum Phenomena in Superconducting Systems
    Supervisor: Аlexander Golubov

    Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Technologies

    Supervisor: Elena Petersen

    Laboratory of Translational Research and Personalized Medicine
    Supervisor: Tatyana Nikolskaya

    Laboratory of Quantum Information Theory

    Supervisor: Sergey Filippov

    Laboratory of Radio Engineering

    Supervisor: Ernst Ghabidulin

    Supervisor: V.G. Poluyanov

    Supervisor: Tagir Aushev

    Supervisor: Sergei Alexeyev

    Supervisor: Alexander Chaban

    Supervisor: Alexander Milanich

    Supervisor: Rubin Aliyev

    Supervisor: Dmitry Svintsov

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