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      Skolkovo is a project launched in 2010, the main goal of which is the formation of a creative atmosphere for the development of startups, large companies, venture capital and investment funds. The technopark plans to be a meeting place of innovators and investors for project development and commercialization.
      The mission of "Skolkovo" is the creation of an Ecosystem that generates an enabling environment for the innovation process: scientists, designers, engineers and business people, together with participants of educational projects, will work towards competitive, knowledge-based world-class developments in five priority areas:

    • Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC)

    • Nuclear Technology (NT)

    • Aerospace and Telecommunications (ATC)

    • Biomedical Technology (BMT)

    • Strategic Computer Technologies and Software (IT).

    Students and applicants from six Moscow universities (NRU HSE, MIPT, MEPhI, MISIS, Bauman MSTU, MSU) have the opportunity to become students of the Open University Skolkovo (OpUS). The mission of the Open University Skolkovo (OpUS) is the unleashing of the imagination and creativity of students, allowing them to move to the cutting edge of science, challenging their world view and way of thinking. The world's leading researchers and practitioners will enable students to look beyond the technological frontiers and ask the most important questions, the answers to which do not yet exist.

    OpUS is part of the Ecosystem of Innovation Center "Skolkovo": a source of students for the future Skolkovo University (Masters and PhD students), a source of interns for Skolkovo company partners and a source of projects for business incubators. OpUS is not an educational institution, does not issue educational certificates, and is not tied to a particular place. A significant part of the lectures and seminars will be conducted by visiting foreign executives of major companies and technology gurus. The Fund has already entered into cooperation agreements with such giants as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Boeing, Tata, Nokia, Siemens (and other partner companies, which you can find by looking at the members of the Board of the Fund), which will provide students not only outstanding teachers, but also an opportunity to go on internships around the world. At Skolkovo, every student can get help in the development of one’s own technology project ("startup"), including leaders of the venture capital market. At the moment, there are five OpUS areas: biomedical technology, nuclear technology, energy, space, information technology.


    University Blog:  http://openu.posterous.com

    Official Site: http://www.sk.ru

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