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    Novoselov at MIPT – Photo Report



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    Novoselov at MIPT – Photo Report

    2010 Nobel Laureate in Physics Konstantin Novoselov discussed graphene and his work with Phystech students. Photo report by Ignat Solovei.

    On the evening of Monday, November 1st, in the MIPT Concert Hall in Dolgoprudy there was no room to swing a cat. Six hundred students and teachers, not including photographers and state TV channel camera crews, crammed into a room furnished with 388 seats. Latecomers did not pass security as it was not possible to gain entrance into the hall. They all came to see Konstantin Novoselov, a graduate of Phystech (FPQE-1997) awarded together with Andrew Geim the Nobel Prize in Physics "for groundbreaking experiments on the two-dimensional material graphene". These are the first “phystechs” (as MIPT graduates are called) to win the Nobel Prize. Pyotr Kapitsa, Nikolay Semenov and Lev Landau were Nobel laureates as well, but they did not go to MIPT - they created and worked in it.

    Konstantin Novoselov gave students a lecture entitled "The Physics of two-dimensional systems» ("Materials in the Flatland"). He spoke about the unusual and unexpected properties of graphene, the successes achieved in the world of the study of this material and the prospects for its use in science and technology. On the MIPT and STRF.ru websites ??a live broadcast of the lecture could be seen.

    It was an entertaining lecture and was reminiscent of the legendary book, Physicists Joke, to which phystechs at the time made a significant contribution. The audience responded to lecturer’s jokes with laughter and thunderous applause, and at the end of the lecture universal applause lasted no less than a minute. Such honors were a bit uncomfortable for the newly- deemed superstar, Kostya Novoselov, who, by the way, came to his alma mater on the evening train from Savyolovsky station – just as when he was a student.




    It is surprising that in such a situation protocol could be observed almost perfectly, apparently because the audience was embarrassed to ask its questions to the now forever revered colleague. Teachers’ surreptitiously wiping their tears of pride, you will agree, is a very rare event, at an event so rare that an ordinary university professor was able to shake the hand of a Nobel laureate – and a recent graduate at that. One of these professors, Evgenii Polovinkin,who gave lectures to Novoselov on complex analysis (the theory of the functions of complex variables) said thoughtfully: "Yes, it was not in vain that I gave him an excellent mark, not in vain ..." When others asked of another venerable professor whether he laments the new Nobel laureate leaving Russia, they heard with disappointment in response that things are changing in the laboratory and for the scientific institution and that, on the contrary, it is beneficial.



    The lecture ended with an impromptu autograph session. Students lined up in a huge line for the coveted occasion- there you have it, the love of the people!


    We remind you that the newspaper, "For Science," has issued a special edition devoted to the Nobel laureates, from which you can learn how Geim and Novoselov studied at the institute, what their classmates remember about them and what other discoveries deserve the highest awards. Learn more - in the special issue.

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