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    Development program for "Physics and technology of nanostructures, nanosystems, nanomaterials and nanobiophysics"

    Scientific Results for the Program in 2009

    Science School "Modern electron-beam technologies"

    The school is part of the implementation of a partnership agreement signed in 2009 between the company Interactive Corporation and MIPT. The main goal is to promote the development of shared research and education centers (REC) of scientific equipment at MIPT and provide training for qualified staff able to operate it. Therefore, the Japanese side has undertaken regular scientific seminars and workshops on the latest nanotechnology equipment at Phystech. The School "Modern electron-beam technology" will be the first and most relevant event of the series. The event was organized by NEC "Nanotechnology" MIPT.

    First School Program "Modern electron-beam technologies"

    As part of the school, speeches will be given by Russian and Japanese experts on the latest equipment for research, technological and diagnostic equipment for nanotechnology.

    Department of Clean Energy Sources and Molecular Electronics

    Today, the most common methods of positioning, such as a magnetic compass and inertial navigation systems (IMU) do not have sufficient immunity and technology GPS / GLONASS-based external signals are not applicable for the positioning of underwater equipment, underground navigation, as well as for a number of important tasks of the military-industrial complex. Scientists from MIPT have proposed a fundamentally new method of solving the problem by creating a high-precision self-contained azimuth determination on the basis of a molecular-electronic angular accelerometer. The story of the invention, its departmental author-employees is given in this article.

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