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    Human Capital

    This direction is aimed to attract and retain world-class scientists for research and teaching as well as attracting young research and teaching staff members and developing the senior management staff of MIPT are the key areas of MIPT human resource strategy. 

    Results of 2014

    In the framework of the Program the PostDoc institution was established, which included the development of the competitive documentation, the criteria of the winners’ selection, an expert group and a mechanism for the selection of applications. Two turns of the competition were carried out, in which 24 PostDoc winners were selected.

    A system of grants for MIPT graduate applicants was initiated. 15 winners were selected it the competition.

    In addition to recruitment for regular positions, MIPT conducts internships for young academic staff from leading universities. In the framework of the Program 21 trainees visited MIPT under one-month trips in the period from October to December 2014.

    Due to the supporting program, the influx of young personnel at the departments and laboratories of the institute have been significantly increased. A notable competition for vacant teaching rates has emerged in the departments. 207 employees under 35 were attracted to the MIPT educational departments in the course of implication of the program for the young teachers support in 2013. In 2014 the number has increased up to 262. In addition, more than 800 young teachers and their supervisors received financial support in 2014.

    In 2014, as a part of the stimulating program activities, 30 research supervisors and 65 last-year graduates (provided that they passed all the exams and published the required amount for the thesis defense articles or defended the thesis on time) have been supported.

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