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    This direction is aimed to strengthening MIPT reputation in the world as a result of integration into international academic community, academic mobility development and reputation control.


    Results of 2014

    56 worldwide renowned scientists visited Phystech as invited professors. Leaders of the world science have presented reports at MIPT conferences and seminars, participated in plenary sessions and shared information on their latest developments and key research trends.

    MIPT opened a grant competition for participation with presentations in conferences and seminars of leading world universities and research centers as well as for participation in internship programs, available to all research and teaching staff. 150 applications for participation in international events were approved in 2014. 20 applications for internships were approved. The overall number of international trips has grown by 1.5 times in 2014.

    This year, for the first time in its history, MIPT held a number of international conferences of a world-class level with the participation of foreign speakers, including eminent scientists and Nobel laureates (previously 1-3 conferences per year were held). In 2014, 11 international conferences were held, which were attended by 307 international participants, including 166 foreign speakers and two Nobel Prize winners, namely Michael Levitt and Robert Huber.

    In the new academic year 645 foreign students from 33 countries were accepted at MIPT, which is 11.5% of the total enrollment, of these 179 students are from 19 far-abroad countries (2013 figures: 611 international students from 20 countries which was 11% of the total enrollment, of which 121 students were from 9 far-abroad countries).

    MIPT launched a competition among the foreign students to be invited for the summer training program. The whole procedure for internship was established. As a result, 75 foreign trainees from 23 countries were invited, of these 44 students from 19 far-abroad countries.

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