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    This direction is aimed to increase the demand for MIPT educational programs from the employers and to engage students in joint educational programs, as well as to ensure the active participation of MIPT on the open education market.

    To further increase the interest of the employees in MIPT alumni and the level of education in MIPT it is necessary to attract the leading Russian and foreign universities, research institutions and high-tech companies to the formation of joint educational programs. The implementation of the educational programs accredited by international agencies in MIPT, acquired and/or developed in partnership with leading Russian and foreign universities, research institutions and high-tech companies will also attract foreign students to study in MIPT. The first to be involved are the foreign universities with educational programs that are similar to the MIPT programs. Further work will be carried out with one of the universities selected for curriculum coordination, the students of which will obtain double university diplomas. Moreover, the program should be structured so that students could be study both in MIPT and in the partner institution in accordance with the schedule.

    In addition, MIPT will continue to develop existing and create new classic educational programs. The introduction of the new courses and programs and modernization of existing ones in conjunction with research organizations and high-tech companies, including base organizations, will update the existing educational programs in the course of recent scientific and technological trends. The updating of the list of base chairs will resume in order to concentrate resources in key areas of MIPT development. Creation and implementation of training courses commissioned by research laboratories and MIPT base organizations will further enhance the integration of science, education and business.

    As a means of increasing the proportion of undergraduate and graduate students involved in research in the laboratories of the MIPT campus, certain actions for the support of undergraduate and graduate students, trainees and young academic staff working in on-campus laboratories and departments will be undertaken. In addition, the admission for master's and postgraduate programs will be increased in order to extend the share of graduate and post-graduate students necessary for the formation of the personnel of the new on-campus laboratories.

    The improvement of the operation of postgraduate and doctoral programs is an important component of the human capital development. Graduate and doctoral students who successfully defended their thesis will receive financial support in case if they continue working in MIPT. Their supervisors and scientific consultants, who ensured the successful and timely thesis defense, will also be rewarded to promote their involvement in the process of theses defense of their graduate and doctoral students.

    Results of 2014

    In 2014 MIPT was one of the first Russian universities to issue open online courses at the top international open source online educational sites Coursera and iTunes University. On the Coursera platform a training cycle of 3 courses was completed. The courses were attended by more than 30 thds. students from around the world. The iTunes University profile was visited by more than 87 thds. users.

    MIPT became one of the eight founding universities of national online platform in open education. MIPT Rector has joined the Board of the Open online education under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

    24 courses were created in the course of the development of the open online MIPT Lectorium. They are available on the MIPT web portal and Lectorium mobile applications for Android and iOS, which were developed in 2014.

    Procedure for the support of student projects and regulatory framework for their implementation was also notably improved in 2014.

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