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    About Project 5—100

    The Russian system of higher professional education, which boasts Universities with traditions that trail backdown through the centuries – as well as reflecting the pride of their own formidable academic reputations – now faces an arduous task: how to keep in step with the current pace of international development while not undermining its own excellent academic antecedents. The Russian Academic Excellence Project wants to tap into the full academic and research potential of Russian Universities while bolstering their positions in the global education market. The Project, which is slated to last for eight years, was launched in May 2013 in accordance with the Presidential Decree of the Russian Federation № 599, «On measures to realize state policy in the sphere of education and science».
    "Excellence Initiatives" similar to the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 are now among the in-vogue imperatives of many governments. Their aim is to better the system of higher education and anchor their national Universities to loftiery positions in the global ratings. After all, Universities with outstanding academic reputations are more likely to snag the hottest talent among lecturers, researchers and students, and indeed are viewed by many companies and organizations as virtual partners: scores of their alumni are sought after by headhunters.The launch of the Project 5-100 sent a new satellite into orbit to assist in the process of revamping Russian higher education and make and giving it a contemporary. Past brainstorms and initiatives of the Russian government are now proving effective, resulting in the creation of federal Universities and national research Universities.
    In the spring of 2013, the Russian Government announced a resolution whereby, according to which a Council would convene to oversee further the development of the leading Universities. The Council on Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers has been designed to enjoy long-term service as a permanent interdepartmental advisory body, its mission to handle the various issues that are bound to arise under its the umbrella. The Council is also the main governance body of the Project 5-100. Its numbers swell with international and Russian representatives of the academic community, public officials responsible for educational reform, acclaimed experts, and scholars of lofty repute.
    The main expected results of the Project 5-100 by 2020 is that Russia will have a group of contemporary Universities leaders with an effective management structure, and a strong international academic reputation which meets global development trends and can quickly adapt to global changes. 

    MIPT in Project 5-100

    Since 2013 MIPT is a participant of the Federal 5100 Project. This Project offers provision of state support to the leading universities of the Russian Federation with the aim to increase their competitiveness among world research and educational centers.
    MIPT’s strategic goal within this Project is the creation of a world-class research university to be ranked in top-100 world universities by the leading ranking agencies. 
    The MIPT 5100 Program is a system of views and instruments to help the university achieve leading positions in the global market for educational and research programs in the natural sciences fields, based on the advanced achievements in the area of physics, mathematics and computer science.

    In line with our strategy, we are aiming to:
    search for personnel for educational and research activities among world-famous scientists;
    create PostDocs, PhDs, Interns positions;
    reduce barriers of academic mobility by improving the working and living conditions up to world-level conditions;
    create conditions and mechanisms for attracting funds of individuals and entities for the development of MIPT;
    create a flexible educational system meeting the needs of the employers and graduates. 

    Project 5-100 Directions

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