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Igor Shompolov

Igor Shompolov

Igor Shompolov (MIPT'70)

Director of CPUE at MIPT.

Welcome to Fizteh, one of the most renowned educational institutions in Russia!

Ever increasing speed of scientific research in the XX century has profoundly changed the standards of higher education in natural science. New, rapidly emerging areas of research demanded from the new generation of the scientists fundamental knowledge in Physics, many areas of Applied Mathematics and the hands-on experience in the real applied research even before they graduate. Therefore, a group of the most prominent Soviet scientists proposed to create an educational institution of a new kind. This proposal received the seal of approval from Joseph Stalin himself in 1946 and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was born. Naturally, it did not appear on the empty place. MIPT's Founding Fathers were already renowned scientists (or had already become secrete scientists due to the significance of their research). Among them were the father of Soviet rocket science Korolev, the father of Soviet nuclear bomb Kurchatov, nuclear and rocket scientist Keldysh and world-known physicists, Nobel Prize laureates Kapitsa, Landau and Semenov .

The key elements of the new educational system they envisaged were intensive University-level training for the first 3 years followed by 3 years of research practice combined with more advanced training in theory. Practice had to be undertaken in the labs of the USSR's leading institutions devoted to aviation, space and nuclear research.

Among the features of MIPT's education were the following:
After each lecture students have a mandatory seminar built on that lecture's material. Seminar leader, who holds a Ph.D. and is a qualified specialist in the field, conducts the seminar. The ratio of number of students to the number of instructors and lecturers was no greater than 5. Mandatory study of two foreign languages. The instructors and lecturers were recruited among the prominent researchers working in the leading science establishments of Moscow.

MIPT has proven the validity of its founding principles during the last 50 years by sending more of its graduates to the high seats of Academy of Sciences (in the natural sciences specialties) than any other educational institution in the USSR. Our graduates have become known in many areas of fundamental science and applied research in Physics, Computer Science, Economics and others. They proudly took the name of "Phystech" - which is both a familiar for "MIPT" and also the nickname used to refer to any of its students and graduates to the World's best universities where they study in the graduate schools or have already assumed the professorships.

Some of our graduates became well-known politicians in Russia and abroad. Take, for example, Natan Sharansky, who is now Interior Minister of Israel or Yuri Baturin , who advised Russian President in 1993-1997, but quitted to become a cosmonaut.


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