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<article nocover="true" ><title>WELCOME TO OLYMPIADS IN PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS!</title><p><h1>Dear Participants!</h1></p><p>The First Phystech International Olympiads in Physics and Mathematics are finally OPEN. You are invited to participate. We hope that the long delays with this did not chill your desire to measure your own abilities against those of the World's best students. There are not too many rules written for the First Olympiads. There are problems on this site. You will find them in the menu of this site. Please read carefully the material below.</p><p><b>Preliminary Rules</b></p><list mode="nums"><item>Your must attempt to solve as many problems as possible and come up with the numerical answers. </item><item>You are not allowed to use the help of other students or teachers unless you want to clarify a definition we use. </item><item>You are not allowed to use calculator. </item><item>You may use your textbooks to clarify your understanding of the mathematical definitions and physical phenomena. </item><item>To accommodate for the varying levels of preparedness, we will give two rankings to each participant. First will be based on the results of solving the first 50% of the problems (Level I). Second will be based on the results of solving all problems (Level II). The participants will be asked to choose their own level before they will be able to submit the results. Only one ranking corresponding to the chosen level will be reported. </item><item>The solutions and general statistical results will be published on this site. Each participant will get his/her ranking by e-mail. List of Top Ten Winners will be published for each level. </item></list><p><b>IN FREE ACCESS (No registration requred) </b></p><p><a href="![article629]">Physics Olympiad Samples </a> and <a href="![article630]">Mathematics Olympiad Samples</a>(from some previous olympiads)</p></article>

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