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Welcome to education for Web The winners of the First Phystech Internet Olympiads are: Antonio Juares from Guatemala (Mathematics) Hovnatan Karapetyan from Armenia (Physics)
You are invited to take part in the Internet Olympiads in Physics and Mathematics. This is a new form of freely accessible international competition for advanced high school students and first-year college students of the World. Center of Pre-University Education at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT or Phystech) goes online with this project to make its vast experience available to international educational community. We will also be posting here the problems (with solutions) in Physics and Mathematics, offered to MIPTs 3,600 students and to about 16,000 of MIPTs prospective students in their last three years of high school. Professors of MIPT have developed unsurpassed expertise and effective methodology in training the Russian National Teams for International Physical and Mathematical Olympiads. MIPT also has a tradition of running high-school regional Science Olympiads across 11 time zones of Russia as a part of its educational programs for high-school students. This project also puts online MIPTs Distance Learning School with its 30 years of experience by making many of its study guides available for free. In our future plans we have Finance Section built as an extension of our Math Section.
Igor Shompolov (MIPT 70), Director of CPUE
Welcome to Fizteh, one of the most renowned educational institutions in Russia!Ever increasing speed of scientific research in the XX century has profoundly changed the standards of higher education in natural science. New, rapidly emerging areas of research demanded from the new generation of the scientists fundamental knowledge in Physics, many areas of Applied Mathematics and the hands-on experience in the real applied research even before they graduate. Therefore, a group of the most prominent Soviet scientists proposed to create an educational institution of a new kind. This proposal received the seal of approval from Joseph Stalin himself in 1946 and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was born. More...
Pavel Marchenko (MIPT'91), Project Manager and consultant.

Back in 1996, life proved my expectations wrong. Along with some other 'experts', I had underestimated the ability of Russian system of education to weather the economic troubles of the previous five years. In particular, most of the Phystech graduates (we will follow the old tradition and call them 'phystechs', pronounced /fiz'tekhs/) thought that MIPT, or Phystech, would not be able to preserve its world class standards of training. We were wrong. Although scientific research suffered severe cuts since 1991, the educational system proved itself a lot more viable. Now, after almost four years of study in the USA, I am able to identify the reasons for its viability. More...

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