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STATICS - learning sample

STATICS - learning sample


Chapter 1, STATICS

Preface The statics and the dynamics are logically interconnected. In this task such basic concepts, as force, resultant, momentum of force, center of mass and center of gravity are updated. You will note that the methods of solving of many problems in statics are the same as in dynamics. The task can be shown a little bit too much stringent and extensional. Try nevertheless to gain the understanding of it and you should receive an integral conception about the parts of mechanics touched upon in the task. It is useful for the forming of clear and legible physical thinking.


§1. Introduction. §2. Force. Equivalence of forces. Resultant force. Addition of forces. Decomposition of force. §3. Equilibrium of a material point. §4. Equilibrium of a body in the absence of the rotation. §5. Equilibrium of a body with a fixed axis of the rotation in the planar case. Moment of the force. Test questions. Problems
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