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Oleg Podlipsky

Oleg Podlipsky

Oleg Podlipsky (B.Sc. '99, M.Sc. '00 MIPT), Assistant Manager on the Project.

Student at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Economics.

I loved Mathematics at my high school and participated in many contests in Mathematics, including the Cities' Tournament and Russian Mathematical Olympiad of 1995. That year I won and that year I knew: Mathematics will be my profession.

I went to High School number five just across the road from the MIPT's campus. Naturally, MIPT's professors taught some classes in that school with a special emphasis on Physics and Mathematics. Now, on my fifth year at MIPT (we graduate after six years), I myself teach part time at my old High School. During my study at MIPT I have been participating in organizing of Olympiads in Mathematics of all levels for the high school students. I am also a member of the permanent Committee on Methodology and a Member of the Jury of the Russian Mathematical Olympiad. Recently I have started working with the Russian School of National Scientific Reserve. Study at Phystech (this is a familiar for MIPT) deepened my understanding of Mathematics and also Physics. The area of my interests is artificial intelligence, computer-based self-educating expert advising systems and cognitive psychology. Currently I work on a research project at the Automation Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Below presented some of original problems in Mathematics invented by Oleg Podlipsky.


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