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Artem Voronov

Artem Voronov

Artem Voronov (MIPT '03)

Student at the Department of General and Applied Physics.

I came to Moscow to study at MIPT from a Siberian town Cheliabinsk. This is a predominantly industrial town more known for its metal processing plants. I had always had a special "feeling" of Physics and my schoolteachers had noticed that. I am grateful to them for the additional efforts they invested in me. As a result, I first won the regional and then Russian Zonal (Siberian) Olympiads in Physics. Looking back, it is interesting to note that when I had just started, each next step had appeared insurmountable to me at that time. In order to fight this, I had concentrated on working and this strategy had always paid off. During my last year in a high school a lot of help also came from MIPT's School of Distance Learning in Physics and Technology. I met the MIPT's professors first time during my first Russian Physical Olympiad in 1996. They represented a significant part of Jury. I won then the Second Prize on that Olympiad, thus becoming a candidate for the Russian National Team for the International Physical Olympiad (IPO), and had been subsequently invited to the Summer Physical Camp-1996 at MIPT. I spent more than a week in that Camp. This was not too long a training in comparison with the extended months-long prep classes administered to the national teams in some other countries. But our lecturers were professors of MIPT - the best educational specialists in the area of Physics in the country, and the spirit was high. Every day after the lectures we would go the laboratories to do experiments. We were trying ourselves on the problems invented by MIPT's students and professors. At that moment I realized, while working days and nights, that I belong here and made my mind to become a physicist. That was the major turning point in my life and career.

After this week spent at the Camp I went through one more year of high school. Although this may sound as too dry an account, that year was full of important events, including Winter Camp at MIPT and a prize at Russian Olympiad of 1997. The main purpose of all these camps and contests has always been, of cause, selection of the best people for the Russian National Team for IPO-1997. As a rule, all the candidates were rated according to the number of points they were assigned for their performance in theoretical as well as practical exercises. I was rated among the top five candidates - this is how I went to Sudbury, Canada to take part in IPO-1997.

Russian team claimed one Silver and four Gold medals on that Olympiad- that is, one for each of our team members. I sincerely believe that I would not become a happy person without that rigorous training which MIPT gave to me as early as at my high school.

Now I am looking forward to my third year at MIPT with expectations of real professional advances as I plan to join our group for Theoretical Physics. But I will never give up my participation in the training of the Russian National Team for the next IPO.

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