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Nazar Agakhanov

Nazar Agakhanov

Nazar Agakhanov (MSU'79)

Professor of Mathematics at MIPT and the Leader (official title) of Russian National Mathematical Team.

Professor Agakhanov received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Moscow State University in 1979. After that his dream to teach Higher Math came true as he joined faculty of MIPT, one of the best Soviet educational institutions. Training of adva nced high-school students all across Russia has always been one of Agakhanov's major interests. What had first started as a hobby, resulted during the last 16 years in a great number of study guides prepared for the advanced MIPT's programs for high schools and many lectures given to high school teachers from all Russia. For the last 10 years he also taught advanced Math to high school students at the High School number 5 across the street from MIPT's buildings in the town of Dolgoprudnij (Long Lakes). Many of his high school students later became winners of various Olympiads - from Russian Regional Olympiads to International Physical and Mathematical Olympiads. Professor Agakhanov considers Olympiads his main professional passion. He is a Member of National Committee of Russian Olympiads in Mathematics since 1974 and the Leader of National Mathematical Team since 1995. For al this Ministry of Higher Education presented Mr. Agakhanov with the Teaching Award. Below presented some of many original problems in Mathematics invented by Professor. His favorite topic is three-dimensional geometry.



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