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Artem Oganov opens a laboratory of computer design of materials at MIPT


Every year in Russia, world scientists are called to participate in a competition, the winners of which will receive grants for research based at Russian universities, including the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. This year, MIPT will open two more modern laboratories.


"It is perhaps easier for us because, of the 100% of Russian-native scientists working abroad, 30%  are graduates of the Phystech, 30% are graduates of Moscow State University and the remaining 40% are from all other universities of the country," said Vice-Rector of Innovative Scientific Work Alexander Muravev.


Subsidy amounts reach up to 150 million rubles. With this money, scientists from around the world open their laboratories, conduct research and make discoveries together with Russian students and graduate students. New York University Professor Artem Oganov has opened a laboratory of computer design of materials at MIPT. The program, which he has worked on for eight years, will relieve developers of new materials from the long and costly method of "trial and error."


Such a possibility should not be missed by any students or administration of the Institute. In the future, there is a desire to increase the number of laboratories up to 40. The goal of the Institute is to be ranked among the "top 100 universities in the world." This largely depends on how actively MIPT will participate in world science.


Adapted from "Moscow Region News"

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