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Post-Graduate Programs


Dissertation Support

Success in science is achieved by people, not by instruments.

P.L. Kapitsa

The formation of a researcher, pedagogue, or a graduate student head is a natural and necessary step. Around 25% of MIPT graduates enter graduate school every year.  Moreover, a sizeable number enter graduate base organizations.

This post-university step in education is somewhat of a repeat of study at Fiztech, only on a different scale. The first year is fundamental instruction. Graduate students attend lectures on philosophy, foreign language, psychology, pedagogy, economics, and patenting.

The first stages of crown candidate examinations are in philosophy and English, other subjects are taken as regular exams or tests.
The second year is dedicated to specific education. At this time, graduate students combine work on review of literature for the chosen thesis topic, research and preparation for the master's examination in the specialty - the most difficult exam for all nine years of study at Fiztech.

The third year of graduate study ends with a presentation of work performed in front of a specialized council for a Candidate degree.

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