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MIPT Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling Open Olympiad

First Round-  internet-testing on mmm.mipt.ru

Finals – 5 May, Reading Hall of MIPT at 10:00


The department of theoretical mechanics of MIPT and computer supermarket “NIX” invite you to participate in the MIPT Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling Open Olympiad.

Students of any year of study are invited to take part in the Olympiad. The Olympiad will take place in two rounds:

The first round of the MIPT Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling Open Olympiad:

The first informational round will take place from 22 April to 4 May 2013 in the form of internet-testing. Its goal primarily is to demonstrate the topics of the Olympiad. In order to participate in the first round, participants have to register (http://mmm.mipt.ru/registration), after which they will be offered a set of ten problems with answer options.  Second and third year students of MIPT, which successfully complete the first round assignments, may qualify for increased semester rating on theoretical mechanics. 

The second round of the MIPT Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling Open Olympiad:

The second final round will take place in-person at MIPT.   The participants of the final round will receive problems on classical, applied, and celestial mechanics, hydrodynamics, mathematical modeling and computational mathematics. You can get yourself acquainted with problems from previous years at this link:  http://mmm.mipt.ru/archives.

All participants of the final round need to bring their Student ID cards with them. The participants of the final round that are not MIPT students need to submit an application to the organizing committee before May 2 at: mipt.mmm@gmail.com

Part of the problems of the Olympiad involvesa numerical solution. During the finals it is recommended that the participants use their own computer and any software (including mathematical applications Mathematica, MatLab, Maple, SciLab, Octave…).  Furthermore, the participants are allowed to use literature and reference materials that they have prepared on their own. During the All-Russian round the participants are not allowed to use any communication devices.

The set of Olympiad problems, offered to each participant, consists of 7-8 problems. The maximum score for each problem – 10 points.

The winners and the runners-up will receive diplomas, monetary awards and gifts. During the intermediate attestation,upon the decision of the institution, the winners and the runners-up of the Olympiad may have their results on theoretical mechanics counted, which will receive the highest grade with the inclusion into the grade book.  

The schedule of the Second Round of the MIPT Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling Open Olympiad.

5 May 2013, Sunday

  • Registration, 9:30 – 10:00, foyer of the Main Building at MIPT
  • Opening of the Olympiad, 10:00 – 10:15, Reading Hall at MIPT
  • Final round of the Olympiad, 10:15 – 15:15, Reading Hall at MIPT
  • Publication of preliminary results and criteria of the problem evaluation on the website of the Olympiad, 21:00

6May 2013, Monday

  • Tutorial and appeal, 10:00 – 13:00
  • Awards for the winners, 14:00 – 14:30

Contacts and Map: You may contact the organizing committee with any questions at: mipt.mmm@gmail.com

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