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All-Russian Student Olympiad in applied mathematics and physics

Attention Students!

We invite you to take part in the final stage of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in applied mathematics and physics (ASO AMP), which will be held from the 10th to the 13th of May at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Dolgoprudny (map).

The olympiad will take place in two rounds: the first round - solutions to problems in physics (11 May); the second round - problem solving in mathematics (12 May).

Each university team must pre-register before May 3, 2013. (In order to participate in individual events you must register by sending an email to olymp@phystech.edu). We request that you also send a letter from the university confirming involvement of your team to e-mail address: olymp@phystech.edu. Students of any university studying physics and mathematics and having citizenship of the Russian Federation are invited to take part in the olympiad.

The organizing committee of the olympiad will pay for accommodation and meals for only three members of one team from each university. The remaining non-resident participants will be provided residence hall accommodation (300 and 550 rubles a day).

Participants of ASO AMP should have with them: a student identification card, passport, certificate of study signed by the head of the university and certified by a stamp.

Summary results of the olympiad will be completed in two categories for two university groups:individual and team competition. The first category (individual competition) will be based on an individual championship. The second category (team competition) will be based on a team championship by the least amount of seats with three members of the given university in the individual contest. The first group includes universities with team members who are winners of national school olympiads in physics and mathematics. The second group includes the remaining universities.

ASO AMP is included in the list of olympiads and other competitive events to which prizes are awarded for the support of talented young people in 2013.Olympiad prize winners will be awarded diplomas, cash and valuable prizes.


For all questions please contact us by e-mail: olymp@phystech.edu


Informational letter   (download, pdf 395kb)

Terms and conditions for ASO AMP (download, pdf 159kb)

Tentative schedule for ASO AMP (download, 108kb)


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